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Name : Meranti

Scientific Name : Shorea

Price :

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Distribution :

From the southern tip of Thailand, through Malaya, Sumatra and the island of Borneo to Mindanao in the Philippines.

The Tree :

The trees are mostly medium sized to large, with long cylindrical boles, sometimes 0,9-1,5m in diameter above the buttresses.

The Timber :

Being a mixture of species, the commercial timber is variable in colour, weight and texture. Heartwood is typically a dull-yellow or yellow-brown, darkening somewhat on prolonged exposure; it is liable to discoloration in contact with iron under moist conditions. The grain is shallowly interlocked and the texture moderately coarse, although somewhat finer than that of red meranti.

Uses :

Though slightly harder and heavier than light-red meranti, yellow meranti can be used for similar purposes, namely joinery, light structural work where some variation in colour, grain and texture is permissible, and for plywood.

Density :


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