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Name : Mansonia

Scientific Name : Mansonia altissima

Price :

25mm      R 33 600.00 excl.

38mm      R 35 000.00 excl.

50mm      R 35 000.00 excl.

Distribution :

West tropical Africa largely in Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire east to the Central African Republic and Northern Congo.

The Tree :

The tree grows to an average height of 37m height and a trunk diameter of 1m.

The Timber :

The heartwood is yellow to grey brown in colour with a straight grain although it is occasionally interlocked.   The texture is fine to medium and uniform with a slight natural lustre.    The wood is easy to work with hand and machine tools with little or moderate blunting effect on cutting tools.   The wood holds nails and screws fairly well and gluing properties are good.    The wood takes stain and polish well.    Steam bending is easy unless knots are present. The heartwood is very durable being resistant to fungi, borers and termites.

Uses :

The timber is generally used for high-class joinery,  cabinet work,   furniture,  turnery,  decorative veneer and handicrafts.   Well coloured wood resembles American walnut and is commonly used as  a substitute eg.  for gun stocks and grips and musical instruments.

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